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What is your unique mission?

Your goals are driven by it

We all have a unique overall mission in life. And it is often made up of all kinds of supporting missions. Whether you're running a company, or running a household, putting time in on the clock, or in the books. Giving your best every day to yourself, your family, your community, your work, your health, your faith if you are so inclined, your causes, and your interests takes energy, commitment, direction, resources, and efficiency. It takes heart and mind, and spirit. Some missions are shared, and some are only achievable by you. Going through the process of defining your "mission" is inspiring. It sets a clear path of goals for you that are better aligned with your values and vision.

How we support it

We're asked by the financial industry to identify our goals. How do we know that the goals we choose speak to who we are and what we want? Let's take it back two steps and define your core values. Then build a vision from there. And ultimately, put more clarity into your life's mission. Goals emerge as obvious milestones. And when your goals are in better alignment, you're more likely to work toward them. The rest is up to the process and math.

Your money mind

It's likely you've heard that we all have a "money mind". Stories we were told. Habits that were modeled for us. We could list examples, but you already know. We're dedicated to helping you root out these stories, narratives, habits, and myths and to establish them as known obstacles on your path so that you can overcome them. 

Your mission and your place in it

You are the operator, the lead, the hero of your own mission. Do you know about the story of the hero's journey? Ever notice the pattern in literature and movies? The various archetypes that play out in the storyline? We're all on one of these journeys in some form. Or as we like to call them, "missions". Raising your children. Taking care of your personal health. Growing your company. Executing well at your job. Overcoming adversity. Making a difference to those around you. Leaving a legacy. Anything that is important to you. It's all woven into your mission. We help you as guides, to refine your values and vision, lay out your path, establish fine-tuned goals as milestones, overcome obstacles along the way, and help you toward completion of your mission.

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"Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain. But all of the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it." - Andy Rooney